Vision & Principles

Project Vision

Empowering UF will build modern, intelligent and unified business processes and systems that empower the UF community. With the OneUF vision in mind, three factors will be critical to our success: a thorough re-envisioning of our business processes, optimized data to facilitate reporting capabilities, and support for faculty and staff throughout the change and beyond.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide unified and modern business processes that promote an elevated enterprise-wide experience for the next 20 years
  • Promote enterprise-wide engagement to adapt UF policies and practices while providing critical support, information and care to university stakeholders
  • Implement administrative systems utilizing vendor best practices that design for the rule, not the exception
  • Streamline functionality by minimizing bolt-on applications and shadow systems


UF has selected Workday to replace the vast majority of UF’s current enterprise resource planning, or ERP, solution. However, some business functions will remain in current systems that will be integrated with Workday, and the current student information system, or SIS, is not in scope for this implementation.

Transition Plan